Town Documents and Policies

Town Budget

Jan 2019 to Dec 2019 Operating Budget Workbook
** The above is the budget outline and is subject to change as department priorities and other unforeseen issues occur **

Town Policies

Town Employee Handbook/Policies (amended 11/5/2018)
Fee Schedule (amended 5/2019)

Finance Policies

Accounts Receivable Write-Off Policy
Conference and Meeting Policy (4/2019)
Credit Card Policy (4/2019)
Financial Reconciliation Policy (4/2019)
Fund Balance Policy
Investment Policy (4/2019)
Purchasing Policy

Town Reports

2018 Town Report
2017 Town Report

Town Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are public records, and are always available for viewing at the Town Hall. If there is a contract that is not present, you can request it be added or visit the town hall to review.

Town Job Descriptions

Consulting and Department Reports

Town Request Forms