Town Documents and Policies

Town Budget

Jan 2023 to Dec 2023 Operating Budget Workbook
** The above is the budget outline and is subject to change as department priorities and other unforeseen issues occur **

Town Policies

Town Employee Handbook/Policies (amended 6/27/2022)
Fee Schedule (amended 5/2019)

Finance Policies

Accounts Receivable Write-Off Policy
Background Check Policy (7/2019)
Cash Receipts Policy (8/2019)
Communications Policy (10/2023)
Conference and Meeting Policy (4/2019)
Credit Card Policy (4/2019)
Financial Reconciliation Policy (4/2019)
Fraud Policy (7/2019)
Fund Balance Policy
Investment Policy (6/2020)
Purchasing Policy (5/2022)

Town Reports

Town Audits & Financial Statements

Town Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are public records and are always available for viewing at the Town Hall. If a contract is absent, you can request it be added or visit the town hall to review it.



Town Job Descriptions

Consulting and Department Reports

Town Request Forms