Budget Committee | 8/22/19 Meeting Summary

Litchfield Budget Committee Meeting Summery for the meeting on August 22, 2019.

Budget Committee met last night for a regularly scheduled meeting. Agenda items and discussions point included:

Litchfield Budget Committee Meeting – August 22, 2019
  • Acceptance of 6/27/19 and & 8/5/19 (Budget Hearing) minutes
  • A review and discussion on correspondence received and a reminder to the BC on transparency and to limit email communication and avoid ‘reply all’.

Town Business:
Selectman Leary provided a response to several budgets questions asked by Mr. Cutter regarding actual expenses that are not in line with what was budgeted. A review of the upcoming budget review schedule was also discussed. A BC walk through of town facilities is currently being planned.Tentative walk through’s will include:

  • 9/5: Library, Cable Building, Old Fire Station, Talent Hall
  • 9/12: Town Hall, Police Station, Fire Station
  • 9/30: Recycling Center & Kennel

School Business:
SB Representative Meyers provided a general update on the upcoming school year.

  • Teaching staff returns next week.
  • New buses equipped w/ cameras with also be going through there routes (I believe today).
  • Special election remains with Judge for decision.
  • Food Services program ran budget deficit, however, program is being turned around with focus on improving quality of meals at GMS this year.
  • K enrollment is currently at 72 for this year. In line with what was forecasted for enrollment.

The BC’s next regularly scheduled meeting will be on Thursday 9/26 and will plan to meet weekly for the remainder of the year to review and vote on the town and school budgets.

Note: Any public comments or questions can be addressed to the Budget Committee during the next public meeting. Budget Committee responses to questions are not permitted via social media.

As shared by Andrew Cutter via Facebook on 8/23/2019.

Litchfield Budget Committee Meeting Agenda – August 22, 2019

Litchfield Budget Committee Meeting Agenda – August 22, 2019

Meeting Notice
August 22, 2019, at 7:00 pm at Town Hall Meeting Room


7:00 pm           Call to Order
* Pledge of Allegiance

7:05 pm           Review / Additions to Agenda
7:10 pm           Review / Acceptance of Minutes
* June 27, 2019
* August 5, 2019 (Budget Hearing)
7:15 pm           Correspondence
7:20 pm           Reports

Town Business
* General Update
* Financial Update
* Budget Review Schedule
* Schedule of Facility Tours

School Business
* General Update
* Financial Update
* Summer Projects
* Teacher’s Contract Update
* Kindergarten Enrollment Projection

8:00 pm         Member Input / New Business
8:15 pm         Public Input
8:30 pm         Adjourn

Next Committee Meeting: Thursday, September 26, 2019

Budget Committee | 8/19/19 Meeting Summary

Budget Committee Meeting Summary for 8/19/2019

The Budget Committee had a special meeting this evening to discuss and vote on the proposed teacher’s contract.

Budget Committee Emergency Meeting – August 19, 2019

There were several community members that spoke in favor of the contract. Superintendent Jette also provided the BC additional information on the longevity payments included in the contract and reminded the BC the contract is ~250k less than what was presented to the votes in March ’19. A summary of dates and why the need for a special meeting tonight was also provided.

After some brief discussion amougst the committee, the BC voted 6-2-0 to recommend the contract to the voters.

As a reminder, no responses to comments/questions by the BC are permitted via social media. Any questions can be discussed at the next BC meeting this Thursday 8/22.

As shared by Andrew Cutter via Facebook on 8/19/2019.

Litchfield Budget Committee Meeting Agenda – August 19, 2019


Date:            August 19, 2019 at 7:00 PM
Location:      Town Hall Meeting Room


7:00 pm           Call to Order
* Pledge of Allegiance
7:05 pm           Public Input
7:15 pm           Discussion of and Subsequent Vote on the Proposed Teacher’s Contract
7:30 pm           Public Input
7:40 pm           Adjourn

Budget Committee | 6/27/19 Meeting Summary

The BC met last night @ 7PM. All members were in attendance and the following actions were taken and points discussed:

Litchfield Budget Committee Meeting – June 27, 2019

1) New Hampshire Municipal Associating Budget Law Training. NHMA provided an overview of budget law for the Committee and reviewed various RSA’s that dictate the laws & process the Budget Committee must follow. The role of the BC includes:

  • Review current year expenditures
  • Review proposals, request information
  • Prepare budget
  • Schedule & hold budget hearings
  • Forward final proposed budget to governing body
  • Does not control spending
  • 10% rule in towns with official budget committee
  • Budget can not surpass YoY increase >10%
  • In 2017 Litchfield passed a local tax cap on the town side where the budget can not exceed an increase >$175k.

2) Acceptance of 5/23/19 Meeting Minutes
3) LEA Teachers Contract Update

  • The Superintendent provided the BC with an update on teachers contract.
  • On 6/27, the School Board held an Emergency meeting and voted to approve a renegotiated collective bargaining agreement with the LEA.
  • Terms of the new agreement include:
  • A total 3 year cost of ~$854k. This is a reduction from the failed March 2019 warrant article which was ~$1.1MM.
  • Year 1 would reflect a 1% Cost of Living (COLA) increase, Year 2 = 1.5% COLA increase, Year 3 = 1.75% COLA increase
  • Primary renegotiated points to support the decrease in cost are:
  • Health insurance is more in line with industry standard and shifts from ‘Cadillac Plan’ to a deductible/co-insurance based plan
  • No make up in step increases to account for past years where there was no contract
  • Longevity payments have decreased

Next steps are for the Superior Court to review the petition for a Special Election as well as for the Budget Committee to formally vote to recommend/not recommend the contract. The Budget Committee will have a special meeting planned for the evening of Monday August 5th to vote on the LEA ContractThe Superintendents goal is to have the special election at the end of September. Working back from that timeline, there will be a deliberative session planned for early September and the BC vote should be recorded by August 9th.

4) School Update

  • A review of year end encumbrances were performed. Total encumbrances = $197,593
  • Estimated fund balance (as of 6/19/19) = $331,845.77

5) Town Update

  • Two lawn mowers were purchased to replace failing equipment

6) School Capital Planning Committee Update

  • The BC discussed member participation on the School Capital Planning Committee. While the Committee is very much in favor of the Capital Planning charter and putting together a district wide strategic plan, the BC voted 2-7-0 to not participate in this committee. Reasoning for the failed vote was primarily related to maintaining independence as a Committee as well as how effective one member would be speaking on behalf of the BC, when the BC has not met to discuss.

Note: Any public comments or questions can be addressed to the Budget Committee during the next public meeting, a special meeting to vote on the LEA Teachers contract, planned for August 5th. Budget Committee responses to questions are not permitted via social media.

As shared by Andrew Cutter via Facebook on 6/28/2019.

Litchfield Budget Committee Meeting Agenda – June 27, 2019


7:00 pm

Call to Order
– Pledge of Allegiance

7:03 pm

  • Review / Additions to Agenda
  • Committee Meeting Immediately following the NHMA Workshop

7:05 pm

NHMA Workshop

8:45 pm

Public Input

8:55 pm

Review / Acceptance of Minutes
– May 23, 2019

9:00 pm


9:05 pm

– Town Business
– General Update

– School Business
– General Updates
– Teacher’s Contract Update
– End of Year Encumbrances

9:35 pm

Member Input / New Business

  • Budget Committee Participation on the Capital Planning Committee

9:45 pm

9:50 pm

Public Input


Next Committee Meeting: Thursday, August 22, 2019