Energy Committee

Members appointed by the Board of Selectmen:

Board of Selectmen Representatives: Kim Queenan/ Steve Webber
School Board Representative: Elizabeth MacDonald 
Budget Committee Representative: Jon David Son
Town: Town Administrator Kim Kleiner and/or Finance Director Karen White
Residents of Litchfield or Town of Litchfield Business Owners: 
Eric Olson, George Wolfee, Sam Terrill

Meeting Portal:

Mission Statement:

Acts as an advisor to the Board of Selectmen

  1. To assess current energy use by Town municipal activities based on currently available information to be provided by Town staff; Save Litchfield taxpayers money thru wise and timely investment in efficient energy technologies and practices; 
  2. To evaluate energy conservation and air emission reduction practices recommended by utilities and Federal agencies and in use by other municipalities, which may be potentially applicable to the Town of Litchfield operations;
  3. To evaluate and recommend Community Power Energy opportunities which might be further considered in detail by the Town of Litchfield;
  4. To evaluate and recommend energy conservation, supply alternatives, and air emission reduction alternatives, which might be considered by individual residents, and recommend actions the Town might take to disseminate information on such alternatives to residents.
  5. May offer recommendations to other Town Boards and Commissions on energy efficiency.

Meetings will be held bi-weekly, evening hours on a night determined by a majority of the committee.

For more information regarding the committee, contact Kim Kleiner at