Economic Development Committee

Chair: Selectmen Kimberly Queenan
Members: Peter Ames (Recreation), Dianne Plansky (Conservation), Jeremy Robitaille (Planning), Jerry Sorenson (ZBA)

Staff: Jay Minkarah (NRPC), Kim Kleiner (Town Adminstrator)

Charged by the Board of Selectmen to:

  • To create an economic survey and data collection model that will accurately reflect the feedback and desire of all townspeople
  • To establish recommendations to the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen on updates/changes to Chapter Six – Economic Development (dated 12/3/2002) of the Master Plan.
  • Advise the Select Board and other town boards on issues concerning bylaws, policies, regulations, and zoning that are consistent with maintaining the character of our community, consistent with the Master Plan and the desires of the town’s people.
  • Advocate for state and federal grants, incentives, or for improvement in regulations that help advance the Towns priorities.
  • Make recommendations to streamline permitting, licensing, and other regulatory functions.