Property Record Card

A complete property description, site-specific data, and the valuation breakdown are printed on a “Property Record Card.”  To obtain a printed copy of your property record card, please email

Tax Credit & Exemption Programs

Exemptions and Credits are given to those individuals who qualify. In order to receive an exemption or credit, an individual must apply to the Board of Selectmen on Form PA-29.

A person who is applying for an elderly exemption or deferral must submit the PA-29 form along with documentation to verify the income and assets of the applicant and his/her spouse.

These documents are considered confidential and are either returned to the applicant at the time a decision is made on the application by Selectmen/Assessor or are destroyed.

Please refer to RSA 72:39-a for more information on the elderly exemption. (

  •  View information on the current eligibility and amounts (PDF).
  • Please Call the Town Hall at 603-424-4046 to apply or fill out an application found on the NH DRA website
  • If you have an Elderly Exemption and/or Veterans Credit and are selling or moving to a new home, please advise this office as we will want to move the information and apply the exemption/credit to the correct property.

Additional Resources:

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Assessing Reference Manual
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