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Notice of Public Hearing | Community Power Committee | November 28, 2023

Town of Litchfield
Community Power Committee
November 28, 2023, at 7 pm
Fire Station HQ-1-Community Room

In accordance with RSA 53-E you are hereby notified of a PUBLIC HEARING to consider approval of the 

Litchfield Community Power Plan

The Town is considering implementing a new Town program called Community Power, or in other states, called Municipal Aggregation. If adopted by a majority of Town voters, The Community Power Plan would empower the Town to enter into Electric Services Agreements with Competitive Electric Power Suppliers to serve the electric supply needs of residents and small businesses in the Town. The intent is to pool our electricity demand and use the power of the competitive market for cost savings and more local renewable energy supply choices.


You are invited to attend the hearing to hear a short presentation, ask questions, and offer your comments. If you are unable to do so there will be another public hearing on December 4th, or feel free to email the Committee at for more information. 

Litchfield Online Building Permits – Step-by-Step Process

Please use the following link Online Building Permits to start the process.

Step 1.

Please select and set up a collaborator page that will gather all the needed contact information required for us to move forward on the permitting process. A good working email is a key item needed to use the system. After submitting the collaborator request the system will email you a verification email PLEASE be on the lookout for this email, search all your folders if you don’t see it almost immediately, look in junk and spam folders, and check your settings to allow this email verification. Without this verification, you cannot proceed any further in the system, and we see nothing on our side of the system until you do. Do not try to use the system until you know you have received and accepted the email verification; you will not be able to complete any permit requests. 

Step 2.

The system requires credentials for all users this basically is the system looking to verify that you are a licensed tradesman or contractor. New Hampshire is a “live free or die” state that allows contractors of non-trade-related work and homeowners to perform work without licenses. This creates a new dynamic in the system so only licensed trades contractors will be required to download and prove their licensing. General contractors will apply for general contractor credentials and homeowners will apply for homeowner contractor credentials. None of the fields regarding insurance are required to be filled. You will submit your application for credentials then wait for our approval of credentials. Again please do not try to use the system until your credentials are approved you will not be able to complete the permit request. 

Step 3.

Once your credentials are approved you will be able to use the permitting module. Select the request for a new job/ permit module. Then select the permit type that best fits your job or trade. Complete the requested information that is required and is denoted with an asterisk after the field. All other fields are not required but if you know the answer to the field please answer the field. These permits serve a variety of jobs and not all information will pertain to your job. Please note if the permit asks for a detailed plan one will need to be downloaded to the application. Any job that requires a change in footprint on the lot will require a plot plan drawing showing the change, this may be required to be certified engineer stamped drawing as well. Once you feel you have completed the application to the best of your abilities submit the application for review. You will need to wait at this point for our approval of the application. Please do not try to print permits or other functions until you have received your approvals. Once approved you will receive the invoice for the permit fees if any are applicable to your job. You should be able to pay the required fees online if you choose with a credit card(online only) or at your choice come to the town hall or mail a check to us with a self-addressed stamped envelope for us to mail your permits back. Please include a copy of the invoice or invoice number with payments

This is just a brief overview of the process but hopefully, it addresses some of the issues you may encounter along the way. You can reach out to the building department for any further assistance you may need at 603-424-4046 or Jeffrey Blackwell, Building Inspector at 603.424.4046 extension 1239.

Downloadable Version of the Step by Step Process

Energy Committee Needs Volunteers


The Board of Selectmen seeks four (4) Litchfield residents or business owners for the newly formed Energy Committee.

Members to be appointed by the Board of Selectmen:

* 2 Board of Selectmen Representatives
* 1 School Board Representative
* Town Administrator and/or Finance Director
* 4 Residents of Litchfield or Town of Litchfield Business Owners with interest in Community Power Energy opportunities, Finance, Budgeting, or Energy Conservation

Acts as an advisor to the Board of Selectmen

Mission Statement:

  1. To assess current energy use by Town municipal activities based on currently available information to be provided by Town staff; Save Litchfield taxpayers money thru wise and timely investment in efficient energy technologies and practices;
  2. To evaluate energy conservation and air emission reduction practices  recommended by utilities and Federal agencies and in use by other  municipalities, which may be potentially applicable to the Town of Litchfield operations;
  3. To evaluate and recommend Community Power Energy opportunities which might be further considered in detail by the Town of Litchfield;
  4. To evaluate and recommend energy conservation, supply alternatives, and air emission reduction alternatives, which might be considered by individual residents, and recommend actions the Town might take to disseminate information on such alternatives to residents. 
  5. May offer recommendations to other Town Boards and Commissions on energy efficiency.

Meetings will be held bi-weekly, evening hours on a night determined by a majority of the committee.

More details can be reviewed at HERE. To sign up/volunteer, please complete the Town Volunteer Form

Public Hearing Notice | Acceptance of Grant Funds | March 27, 2023

Town of Litchfield
Acceptance of Grant Funds

The Litchfield Board of Selectmen will conduct a public hearing on Monday, March 27, 2023, at 6:30 pm at the Town Office Meeting Room, 2 Liberty Way, Litchfield, NH to discuss acceptance of an FY2022 State Clean Water SRF Grant in the amount of $30,000 to create a Stormwater Asset Management Program.

Residents wishing to speak on this matter are invited to attend, or residents may send comments by email to: or mail to Town of Litchfield, Kim Kleiner, Town Administrator, 2 Liberty Way, Litchfield, NH 03052.