April 2022 Conservation Commission Meeting Agenda

Remote meeting participation link: https://litchfield.webex.com/meet/TownHall

Call to order

Roll Call and appoint alternates

Public input related to non-agenda items

New Business: 

  • Officer elections postponed until May meeting
  • 3A roadside cleanup
  • Fishing derby
  • Commercial vehicle use of Moore’s Falls parking lot
  • Land Management plan draft review
  • Grant Programs
  • Improvement to trail section(s) at Large White Lot
  • Fire Department training on conservation land
  • Bird/nature walk led by active naturalist

Old Business: 

  • Lonely Fort bridge
  • Dog waste problem
  • Trail signage and mapping

Other Business:

  • Next meeting May 5th, 2022
  • Weather Report
  • Member updates

Public Input

Approval of Minutes:  March 3rd, 2022 meeting minutes

Non-Public per RSA 91-a:3(d)



Please be advised, agenda items may not be discussed in exact order. The Conservation Commission may discuss other business brought before them that may not be explicitly listed on this agenda.

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