Public Hearing Notice | Litchfield Planning Board – Zoning Amendments

2nd Public Hearing Notice | Litchfield Planning Board – Zoning Amendments

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that in accordance with NH RSA 675:7, the Litchfield Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Meeting Room, 2 Liberty Way to consider the following changes to the Litchfield Zoning Regulations and Site Plan Regulations:

Zoning Sections:

Item 1 Northern Commercial District Amend Section 800.00 NORTHERN COMMERCIAL DISTRICT to allow additional business uses and to require sidewalks in certain locations to foster development of a walkable New England Village environment.

Item 2 Southwestern Commercial District Amend Section 700.00 SOUTHWESTERN COMMERCIAL DISTRICT to allow certain additional business uses but to prohibit Warehousing and Distribution facilities except as an accessory use.  

Item 3 Northern and Southern Commercial/Industrial Service Districts Amend Section 950, NORTHERN COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL SERVICE DISTRICT and Section 1000, SOUTHERN COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL SERVICE DISTRICT, to limit the development of warehousing & distribution facilities

Item 4 Floodplain Conservation District Amend Section 1100.00, FLOODPLAIN CONSERVATION DISTRICT, to clarify that residential uses are permitted by Special Exception.  

Site Plan Regulations:

Item 5 Amend Appendix I Conditional Use Permit to add all the conditional use permit categories.

Full copies of the proposed amendments are available for public inspection at the Selectmen’s  viewing room in Town Hall, 2 Liberty Way during normal business hours or the Planning Board Website at

Michael Croteau, Chairman
Litchfield Planning Board
Posted 1/14/2022

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