Litchfield Budget Committee | Meeting Summary | Sept 30, 2021

The Litchfield Budget Committee held a meeting at Town Hall on September 30 at 7pm.  Members in attendance were Andrew Cutter (Chair), John David Son (Vice Chair), Keri Douglas, William Hayes, Derek Barka, Scott Taylor, Kate Stevens, Christina Harrison (School Board Representative), and Robert Leary (Selectmen Representative). Also in attendance were Town Administrator Troy Brown, Town Financial Manager Karen White, Town Clerk and Tax Collector Theresa Briand, Facility Manager Dave Mellen (virtual), Road Agent Kevin Brown.

Public Input

Thomas Schofield commented that the residents of Litchfield count on the Budget Committee. He criticized the Select Board for treating the tax cap as a starting point for the next year’s spending and using current year funds to purchase a police vehicle and fire vehicle that were not planned for this year. He commented that instead of spending excess money at the end of a year the Town should return the money to the tax payers. Mr. Schofield asked that the Budget Committee scrutinize the Select Board as much as they scrutinize the School Board. He compared the $200,000 encumbered by the School Board from their transportation budget to the excess money spent by the Select Board. Mr. Schofield mentioned the aging fire truck fleet, and that he expects the committee members will be watching his money, as he will be watching further Budget Committee meetings.

The following department budgets were reviewed at this meeting:

  • 4130.30 – Town Meeting
  • 4140.10 – Town Clerk
  • 4150.40 – Tax Collection
  • 4321.10 – Sanitation Administration
  • 4311.10 – Road Agent
  • 4312.10- Road Maintenance
  • 4316.30 -Street Lighting
  • 4150.10 – Accounting
  • 4152.10 – Revaluation of Property
  • 4130.10 – Board of Selectmen
  • 4153.10 – Legal Expenses
  • 4445.20 – Welfare Vendor Payments
  • 4583.10 – Patriotic Purposes
  • 4723.10 – Debt Services

Residents are encouraged to attend Budget Committee meetings in person at Town Hall unless otherwise stated.  Public input is also invited before meetings via email to Chair Andrew Cutter at  Emails must include the commenter’s first and last name and address. 

As a reminder, Budget Committee responses to posts on social media are limited.  Past meetings can be viewed on the LitchfieldTV Youtube channel.

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