Stormwater Management | Leaf Litter Information | June 30, 2021

Leaf Litter Information

As part of the town’s stormwater MS4 environmental permit issued by the EPA,  please remember that filling streams and wetlands with yard waste and other materials is against the law. Decomposing yard waste can deplete oxygen that aquatic wildlife need to live. It blocks sun and smothers plant life that’s food for animals including turtles, ducks, chipmunks and deer. Yard waste can also stimulate algae and other nuisance weeds that degrade water quality.  So please don’t dump leaves and other yard waste material near water bodies and wetlands. Instead consider composting  your leaf litter in your yard away from water sources or bring it to the Litchfield Recycling and Transfer facility for free safe disposal.  

For more information contact: Troy Brown, or 424-4046 ext. 1250. Information regarding the town’s Stormwater Management Program is available at

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