Message from Eversource | Investing $27 Million in Tree Trimming Across New Hampshire in 2021

Eversource Investing $27 Million in Tree Trimming Across
New Hampshire in 2021

Work scheduled along more than 2,500 miles of electric distribution lines

MANCHESTER, N.H. (March 18, 2021) — While violent storms like last summer’s Tropical Storm Isaias serve as a regular reminder to New Englanders of just how destructive trees can be to the electric system, Eversource works year-round to fortify the electric distribution system against such extreme weather through its comprehensive tree maintenance program. In 2021, the energy company will be investing approximately $27 million in tree trimming and hazardous tree removal to enhance reliability for customers throughout New Hampshire.

“As we saw last summer during some severe storms, trees are the number one cause of power outages and trimming trees away from electric lines and removing dead or hazard trees is critical – especially as fierce weather seems to impact our region more frequently,” said Eversource Vegetation Management Manager Bob Allen. “The long-lasting effects of drought and the gypsy moth and emerald ash borer infestations have severely weakened trees around the state. Our team of certified arborists works year-round to identify compromised trees that threaten the electric system and works closely with community leaders to balance the aesthetics of neighborhoods and the need for reliable power for our customers.”

As part of its comprehensive vegetation management plan for 2021, Eversource will be trimming trees along more than 2,500 miles of overhead distribution lines around the state. Among the roughly 130 communities where tree trimming will be performed this year, some of the most extensive work is scheduled to be done in Chesterfield along more than 90 miles of roads. Trees will also be trimmed along approximately 80 miles of roadways in Pittsburg, 70 miles in Danbury, 60 miles in Effingham and 50 miles in Windham. Eversource notifies customers in advance if work is necessary on their property. 

“Tree maintenance and education about insects and diseases that affect trees is a challenge for municipalities across the state, one that we wouldn’t be able to address without a trusted partner like Eversource,” said Hancock Department of Public Works Director Tyler Howe. “Eversource’s team of experts works tirelessly to ensure reliability for their customers, and we always appreciate their focus on collaboration and coordinating with local communities to help address our concerns.”

As Eversource continues working to address the widespread tree mortality in New Hampshire, the crisis is a shared responsibility between utilities and tree owners. The energy company reminds customers that homeowners are responsible for tree maintenance on their own property. That includes keeping branches away from the lower-voltage service wires connecting their homes and businesses to the main utility lines on the street. Eversource strongly recommends customers contact a professional tree service to perform this work. For more information on Eversource’s comprehensive vegetation management program, visit

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