Budget Committee | Meeting Summary | 12/3/20

The Litchfield Budget Committee met tonight (12/3/20) and all members were in attendance.

Mr. Cutter shared correspondence which included budget report from the town, NHMA updates, LMS renovation plans, draft minutes from 11/19. 

November 19th minutes were tabled until the next meeting.

Prior to voting, the school district responded to questions from the 11/19 meeting, including CTE costs, and various items from the schools.

School Budget Review Process:

-The following accounts were reviewed by committee members and voted on by the committee members. 

-Food Service
-SAU & School Board

-A total of $85,000 was reduced by the budget committee to the full school district budget. 

-Mrs. Fordey shared that Facilities Improvement has started and she will provide updates as their work continues.

Member Input / New Business:

The next Budget Committee meeting is scheduled for December 10th 7:00pm. The committee will review Salaries & Benefits and vote on those items.  A formal agenda will be provided as soon as it is finalized.

As a reminder, Budget Committee responses to posts on social media are not permitted. 

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