Budget Committee | Meeting Summary | 11/19/20

The Litchfield Budget Committee met tonight (11/19/20) and all members were in attendance.

Mr. Cutter shared correspondence which included budget report from the town, meeting agendas from previous weeks, school budget account information, amended minutes, accounts to be reviewed on 11/19, confirmation of deliberate session dates, and the resignation of Mrs. Harrison as the school board rep to the budget committee. 

October 15th minutes and October 22nd minutes were approved as amended.

Budget Committee opening remarks were provided by Mr. Cutter.  Committee members spoke to their overall thoughts on the process over the last couple of weeks.  Most committee members spoke to the need to continue improving the process and continued sharing of information between the school board and the budget committee. 

Dr. Jette provided and overview of the school district’s process and their work to bring forth the budget for review, including dollars returned this year due to schools being closed in the spring. 

School Budget Review Process:

-The following accounts were reviewed by committee members and

-Food Service
-SAU & School Board
-Salaries & Benefits

-Mr. Cutter shared an overview of the FY 22 Litchfield School District Budget Analysis file that he created and shared with the budget committee and school board. 

Member Input / New Business:

The next Budget Committee meeting is scheduled for December 3rd at 7:00pm, which continues the school budget review process, as well as voting on the school budget.  A formal agenda will be provided as soon as it is finalized.

As a reminder, Budget Committee responses to posts on social media are not permitted. 

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