Public Notice | Results of Preprocessed Absentee Ballots


On Saturday October 31, 2020 a group of election officials gathered at the Litchfield Town hall and preprocessed the absentee ballots received by the Town Clerk on or before October 30th. Normally the town receives approximately 300 to 400 absentee ballots but in this election, we had received as of the 30 of October approximately 1300 absentee ballots. We commenced the examination at 9AM and worked until 3PM to complete the review required by state election laws. No marked ballots were inspected nor will they be; only the associated paperwork such as an executed, signed affidavit, the voter’s registration status and if the associated paperwork matched.

The inspection of the 1300 ballots found 7 ballots that were rejected due to:

  • 4 ballots did not have the affidavit signed;
  • 2 ballots were placed into another voter’s envelope by the voter so that the affidavit did not match the application or mailing envelope label;
  • 1 ballot was placed into the mailing envelope and did not include any affidavit;

All of the voters whose ballots were rejected have been contacted by phone and provided with information that will allow them to vote in this election. If you have submitted an absentee ballot that was received at town hall by October 30 and you didn’t hear from me at the phone number you listed on your application, your submitted information was inspected, processed and the ballot will be cast on November 3rd.

If you have any questions please contact me at

Frank A Byron, Town and School Moderator

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