Budget Committee | Meeting Summary | 10/8/20

The Litchfield Budget Committee met tonight (10/8/20) and all members were in attendance, with the exception of Mr. Hodgkins.

Mr. Cutter shared correspondence which included zoning and planning board notices, MS4 reports, edits to minutes, questions for the town budget, and school district reports. 

September 24th minutes (as amended) were approved, and the October 1st minutes were deferred.  

Town Business Updates Included:

-The following accounts were presented by Mr. Brown and the department heads and discussion took place on various line items in those accounts with questions from members of the committee. 

            -Parks and Recreation – 4520.10
            -Library – 4550.20
            -Information Technology – 4150.20
            -Mosquito District – 4411.20
            -Health Agencies – 4415.10
            -Insurance – 4196.90
            -General Government Facilities – 4194.10

 -Chairman Cutter reviewed the remaining schedule for October, including items to review next week, and the schedule to vote on October 22nd and October 29th.

Member Input / New Business:

-Mrs. Fordey asked a question regarding school enrollment numbers that appear to calculating incorrectly on the spreadsheet presented.  Mrs. Harrison agreed to share and review with school leadership. 

-Mrs. Douglas asked a question regarding salary lines in the school budget line and what appears to be an overspend.  Mrs. Harrison confirmed this was a manual entry error and would be resolved.

-Mr. Leary shared updates from the BOS and warrant articles, including the recommendation to withdraw 6 due to budget concerns.

The next Budget Committee meeting is scheduled for October 15 at 6:30pm, which continues the budget review process.  A formal agenda will be provided as soon as it is finalized.

As a reminder, Budget Committee responses to posts on social media are not permitted. 

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