Litchfield Budget Committee | Meeting Summary | 9/24/20

The Litchfield Budget Committee met tonight (9/24/20) and all members were in attendance.

Mr. Cutter shared correspondence which included reports from the town and school, draft budget for 2021, and interest from community members in the open seat on the committee. 

August 27th minutes (as amended) were accepted by the committee and passed 7-0-1. 

Mr. Cutter shared the resignation of Mrs. Burke from the Budget Committee and thanked her for her years of service. 

Mr. Cutter introduced three candidates to replace Mrs. Burke until March 2021.  Mr. Scott Taylor, Mr. Jeff Towne, and Mr. Derek Barka. Each candidate had an opportunity to introduce themselves, share their backgrounds, and why they want to be a member of the budget committee.  Committee members asked questions to each candidate. 

After interviews and nominations were complete, Mr. Scott Taylor was nominated and voted to fill the vacant position until March 2021. 

Town Business Updates Included:

-Mr. Leary shared that 2021 budget was shared by Mr. Brown to the budget committee.  He also provided an update on the Tax Cap that will be reviewed later this evening.

-Mr. Cutter provided an overview of the budget process, including the draft budget from the Board of Selectmen.  The committee reviewed, at a high level, the current proposed budget against the Tax Cap, as well as current spending year-to-date.  Discussions around state and federal aid, as well as cost savings through the end of the year took place.

School Business Updates Included:

-Mrs. Harrison shared the opening of school, and the special meeting from 9/16 that approved the one-time funds for the Capital Expense Fund.  She also provided updates on various projects in the district, include HVAC work at CHS, electrical work / repair at GMS, and the canopy work at LMS. 

Capital Improvement Planning Committee:

-Mr. Cutter provided an update on the public hearing yesterday for the CIP, and the presentation to the Board of Selectmen next week.  Discussions on the process for the CIP took place, including how the Board of Selectmen utilizes the plan to inform their decisions and help determine what, if any items, to put forward for warrant articles.

Member Input / New Business:

-Mr. Cutter gave an overview of the budget process through the end of the year, including upcoming weekly meetings and departments and line item review of budgets.   

The next Budget Committee meeting is scheduled for October 1 at 6:30pm, which begins the budget review process.  A formal agenda will be provided as soon as it is finalized.

As a reminder, Budget Committee responses to posts on social media are not permitted. 

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