Litchfield School District Special Meeting | September 16, 2020

This Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 6 PM in the Campbell High School (CHS) Gymnasium, the Litchfield School Board will hold a special session to consider appropriating a grant of “fiscal disparity” funds in the amount of up to $667,000 as part of the State of New Hampshire’s adequacy aid to the District.  This special session is conducted under state laws allowing for the school district to appropriate one time funds from the state out of the normal budget cycle and will be your only opportunity to vote on this matter.

Due to the COVID pandemic, this session will be held in the CHS gymnasium to provide for additional spacing.  Because of this, please park at the rear of the high school and enter by the doors normally used during town elections.   This session will require the use of face masks if you plan to attend while those not wishing to wear a mask will be directed, after registering and receiving a ballot, to the back door of the cafeteria where seating and audio/video conferencing will be provided allowing your participation.  

This meeting is similar to our SB2 town/school deliberative sessions in that the warrant to accept the money will be debated and is able to be amended if desired.  The exception in this case is that the final warrant article will have a binding vote at the end of debate. 

Further information on the warrant article and its details can be found on the SAU website. I encourage each Litchfield voter to attend and make your thoughts known. 

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