Press Release | Property Assessment Notice

Press Release
Litchfield Board of Selectmen
Property Assessment Notice

Date: May 13, 2020

The Town of Litchfield contracts property assessment services with Avitar Municipal Services. Avitar employees will be in a marked company vehicle, wearing an identification badge and will be using masks, sanitizers and wipes as necessary. Work has started on the following:


Avitar has started work on its annual construction data verification of new and improved properties with town approved building permits. Avitar employees will not be conducting interior inspections at this time. They will approach the door and knock/ring a bell and step back. If the door is answered, Avitar employees will advise the property owner of the reason for the visit and discuss property information with the owner.  


As part of the five (5) year property revaluation update required by the State of New Hampshire, drive by inspections will be conducted on all properties throughout the town. Avitar will drive by each property and/or stop on the street to collect photographs and other types of physical property data. 
If you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to email the town office at or call the Assessing Department at 603-424-4046 or Police Department at 603-424-4047.