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Job Notice
Town of Litchfield, NH

The Town of Litchfield, NH is seeking to appoint a Road Agent. This is an appointed position pursuant to RSA 231:62 for a three year term.   It is responsible for preparing and managing the $800,0000 highway budget, supervising two full-time highway and seasonal employees and managing all municipal roads, service contracts, sidewalks, bridges, stormwater system and highway equipment and facilities. The preferred applicant will have a bachelor’s degree related to the occupational field, possess five years of supervisory and management experience, experience in road construction, facility maintenance,  vehicle and equipment maintenance and annual operating budget development and management or any equivalent combination of education and experience that demonstrates possession of required knowledge, skills, and abilities. Residence shall be within a reasonable response time of no more than 30 minutes to the Town of Litchfield. The Road Agent receives an annual stipend in the amount of $1,000 and is not eligible for town benefits. Full job description can be found at Please send resume, cover letter and references no later than noon on Friday, May 15, 2020 to or mail to the Board of Selectmen, 2 Liberty Way, Litchfield, NH 03052.

Board of Selectmen approved April 27, 2020

Road Agent 

$1,000 Annual Stipend 

The Road Agent is responsible for supervising, directing, and managing all administrative and technical aspects of the Litchfield Highway Department.  The Road Agent is accountable for the effective delivery of public services to the Town of Litchfield and proper maintenance of the Town’s public infrastructure. The Road Agent is to plan, coordinate, implement and document effective and responsible training for all members of the Highway Department. The Road Agent is responsible for the completion and submission of such reports as may be required by a proper authority, and in maintaining the Department’s relationships with citizens and public officials. The Road Agent must be able to communicate effectively orally and in writing, and be able to work effectively with the Board of Selectmen, Town Administrator, other Department Heads, subordinates and the general public. Road Agent is an appointed management position and shall not be required to assist and actively participate in the physical operations of the Department.

Reports directly to the Board of Selectmen while working under the general supervision of the Town Administrator. Performs duties with a great degree of independence, exercising judgment and excellent interpersonal communication skills in working with the public and Town staff. 

Road Agent supervisors all Highway Department, seasonal employees and outside contractors hired to supplement the staff and perform specialized services. Responsible for employee recruitment, training, evaluation and discipline; subject to review and approval by the Board of Selectmen. 

The following is illustrative of duties that may be performed. This list is not intended as a complete compilation of duties, but is an example of the types of duties to be performed.

Establishes Department goals, objectives, policies, regulations, and procedures based upon the needs of the Town of Litchfield and the Department; consults with the Board of Selectmen on all major policy changes; continually evaluates the effectiveness and responsiveness of the Department and develops and integrates new techniques and programs to improve the effectiveness of the Department. 

Coordinates and supervises both summer and winter maintenance of the streets and highways in accordance with goals set forth by the Board of Selectmen consistent with funding allocated in the approved budget. 

Completes annual performance reviews for all Highway employees.

Maintains good working relationships with other Town officials, State and Federal authorities, civic leaders, and the public. 

Prepares, presents, and administers the Department’s budget, under the direction of the Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator. 

Maintains records and documentation of projects, equipment maintenance and budget expenditures. Oversees departmental expenditures and analyzes operational costs. 

Responsible for managing the stormwater system in accordance with the EPA MS-4 Regulations.

Assists other Town departments, boards, committees and commissions in accomplishing their mission and objectives when appropriate. 

Oversees Department’s safety and operational training program ensuring that all training activities are consistent with Departmental goals and objectives and in accordance with State statutes and administrative law. 

Maintains facilities and equipment per industry standards and specifications at a level consistent with funding allocated in the approved budget while ensuring its reliability and readiness. 

Reviews applications and issues driveway permits on Town maintained roadways and conducts field inspections of construction sites and newly approved subdivisions to ensure conformance with Department regulations and specifications. Advise the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, and other boards and/or commissions on matters related to the department. 

Mandatory attendance at meetings and public hearings as requested by the Town Administrator and Board of Selectmen. 

Performs other related duties as required by the Board of Selectmen. 

This is primarily an administrative position requiring sitting, standing, lifting, stretching and the dexterity to operate standard office equipment. Some physical effort involving frequent standing and/or walking and occasional strenuous positions. Some outside work due to inspections and site investigations may be disagreeable due to variable climatic conditions, emotional stress, and exposure to hazards associated with road construction, highway maintenance and other physical labor. The Road Agent is expected to work appropriate hours to effectively perform the duties and responsibilities outlined in this job description. Included in these expectations is attendance at meetings and public hearings as requested by the Town Administrator and Board of Selectmen. 

Thorough knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of modern public works administration and methods, including year-round highway maintenance. Extensive knowledge of the standards by which the quality of public works services is evaluated. A thorough knowledge with experience in construction procedures and the Best Management Practices. Knowledge of budgetary practices and procedures. Ability to plan, organize, and direct the work of subordinates performing various departmental activities. Ability to develop proper training and instructional procedures. Ability to maintain effective working relationships with other Town officials, State and Federal authorities, civic leaders, and the public. Ability to prepare and present effectively, oral and written material relating to the activities of the department. 

Five (5) years of successful year-round highway maintenance experience with five (5) years progressively responsible experience in public works or highway maintenance; with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Business Administration, or related field; OR any equivalent combination of education and experience that demonstrates possession of these required knowledge, skills, and abilities. Considerable knowledge of light and heavy equipment application, operation, and maintenance. Considerable knowledge of building and grounds maintenance and repair procedures. Proven experience in highway winter and summer maintenance. Proven skills in personnel management including team building, delegation, communication, employee discipline, and problem solving. Firm understanding of budget preparation and fiscal management. High customer orientation and positive public interaction. Experienced with computers and computer literate. Available 24 hours a day for emergencies or provide adequate contingencies in their absence. Residence must be within a reasonable response time of no more than 30 minutes to the Town of Litchfield.