CIP Committee | 3/9/2020 Meeting Summary

The following members were in attendance:


  • Michael Croteau (Chair) – Planning Board Representative
  • Sean Flynn (Vice Chair) – Citizen Representative
  • Steven Webber – BOS Representative
  • Brian Bourque – School Board Representative


  • Andrew Cutter – Budget Committee Representative
  • Troy Brown – Town Administrator
  • Jay Minkarah – NRPC Director

Absent: P. Stone
Actions taken at the meeting:

  • 1/30/20 Minutes approved 4-0-0
  • The CIPC discussed and voted to accept a Mission/Vision Statement (see below) 4-0-0

Committee Discussion:

  • Project Submittal Form Process was presented by the Town Administrator. Goal is to standardize with the School District.
  • A review of the 6 year highway road improvement plan was discussed, with the goal to keep cost consistent over the period and aligned to past years budgets (~$200k block grant + ~$200k voter approved). After 2026, the town can shift into a preventative maintenance strategy with less funds anticipated as being needed for mill and reclamation work.
  • A review of the 6 year Highway vehicle and equipment plan was discussed. A review of Highway department assets, replacement schedule, anticipated needs due to town growth and residential development, as well as the need for salt storage and re-purpose of current salt shed structure.

The CIPC will review all departments 6 year plans before making any recommendations.

Public input by a resident (N. Fordey) was also provided.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 4/6/20 in which it is planned to review the Police, Fire and Solid Waste Capital Improvement Plans.

As Published on Facebook by Andrew Cutter