CIP Committee | 1/30/2020 Meeting Summary

A newly formed Committee had its first meeting this evening. Committee members are:

  • Michael Croteau – Planning Board Representative
  • Sean Flynn – Citizen Representative
  • Peter Stone – Citizen Representative
  • Steven Webber – BOS Representative
  • Brian Bourque – School Board Representative
  • Andrew Cutter – Budget Committee Representative
  • Troy Brown – Town Administrator
  • Jay Minkarah – NRPC Director

All members were in attendance this evening with the exception of P. Stone (excused absence). The meeting was called to order at 7pm.

  • M. Croteau was elected as Chair
  • S. Flynn was elected as Vice Chair
  • A. Cutter, T. Brown, and J. Minkarah will be non-voting members on this Committee.
  • I was nominated by the Committee to post meeting notes/summaries to the Whats Up page.

While this meeting was not recorded, future meetings will be coordinated with LCTV along with formal meeting minutes to be taken.

J. Minkarah provided the Committee with CIP Process Overview and presented to the Committee the last CIP which was adopted on 7/22/2008. The plan was projecting for a 6 year period (through 2014) and has not been updated since that point. A discussion pursued on Committee scope an objectives, alignment to the School Improvement Committee, as well as what this Committee should focus on over the next 6 years. The Committee decided to initially focus on capital improvements with a lifespan of greater than or equal to 3 years plus a cost of $50,000 or greater.

Next Steps: T. Brown will be coordinating with department heads over the next week or so to begin pulling together information and priorities for the Committee to consider. The Committee will also be drafting a vision statement over the next few weeks. J. Minkarah will be providing the Committee with requested information regarding town growth projections, impact fee assessment, etc. The goal is to have an understanding of all Capital Improvement projects by ~April with the Committee having final voting decisions on what is presented by ~July 2020. From there, any decisions would then go through the BOS and BC process and be presented to the voters at town meeting in March 2021.

The Committee email address is:

As this is a formal Committee, responses by Committee members are not permitted via social media. Questions can be addressed to the Committee for response at our next scheduled meeting – Monday March 2nd @ 6PM.

As shared by Andrew Cutter via Facebook on 1/30/2020.