Budget Committee | 5/23 Meeting Summary

The Budget Committee met this evening and the following was reviewed:

Acceptance of 4/18 meeting minutes. Pass 5-2-0

Correspondence Summary

  • Fire Station IT & overall project expense summaries were provided
  • School District Business Administrator reports for April and May were received

Town Business

  • 64% of operating budget has been expended YTD
  • Town audit is near completion with final/formal results expected in September
  • All planned highway paving projects are now complete
  • Tax bills will be sent out this week (SORRY FOR THE BAD NEWS!)
  • The Fire Chief applied and received a 40k grant for equipment and furniture for our new emergency response center in the new fire station

School Business

  • The Budget Committee confirmed a five year First Student contract is now in place. New buses will be rolling throughout town for the next school year. The new buses will all be equipped with internal and external cameras, which will hopefully deter and catch any stop sign runners. 
  • School enrollment currently stands at 1,321 students. 
  • Kindergarten current year has 87 students. Thus far 60 are registered for next year. IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY DONE SO, PLEASE ENROLL YOUR K STUDENT(S). Information can be found at: http://www.litchfieldsd.org/StudentRegistration.aspx
  • A new LEA negotiated contract is complete with the School Board. The contract is under review currently with the LEA. 
  • End of year fund projection is currently at 487k. The school board is planning ~197k in encumbrances. The list has not been voted on or finalized at this stage.

Member Input/New Business

  • Next Budget Committee meeting will be on 6/27. This meeting will largely be focused on NHMA training – This is an open session and all are welcome to attend. At the conclusion of the training, an abbreviated Budget Committee meeting will be held.
  • Mr. Cutter’s analysis of the school budget was also reviewed. Mr. Cutter commented that he felt the school budget for next year was 1MM higher than needed and the town budget is 300-500k higher than needed – based upon actual spend and historical account based trending. Refer to information shared with the community under the 4/18 Meeting Summary.
  • The School Board desires to establish a Capital Planning Committee to specifically put together a 3 to 5 year building plan. The Budget Committee discussed if one member would be involved, as per the School Board request. This will be decided at the 6/27 meeting.

Note: Any public comments or questions can be addressed to the Budget Committee during the 6/27 public meeting. Budget Committee responses to questions are not permitted via social media.

As shared by Andrew Cutter via Facebook on 5/23/2019.

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