Budget Committee | 4/18/19 Meeting Summary

The Budget Committee met this evening. Attendees included: K. Douglas (Chair), A. Cutter (V. Chair), J. Martin, B. Hodgkins, W. Hayes, R. Meyers (SB), B Lemire and R Leary (BOS)

A review an acceptance of minutes from the January 10th and February 9th meetings occurred – both with a 4-0-3 vote. The March 28th minutes were also accepted as amended with a 7-0-0 vote.

Correspondence was reviewed which included distribution to the committee of town and school budget analysis along with information on police cruiser purchase cycle and rotation of vehicles.

Additional agenda items and discussion points included:

  • Acceptance of Budget Committee by laws (7-0-0)
  • Process to post BC updates via social media has been reviewed with the IT Manager
  • NHMA Training (scheduled for June 27th BC meeting)
  • Budget Review Calendar
  • IT Expenses and Access
  • Submitted questions and responses provided by the Town Administrator
  • School budget review has been postponed to the May 23rd meeting – providing ample time for all committee members to receive and review analysis

Budget Files Reviewed:

*Due to file layout and size, the town and school analysis files are in MS Excel format.

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