2019 Town Meeting Information

This page has been created to assist the residents in learning and understanding the budget and warrant requests from Town and School. As information is made available, this page will be updated.

2019 Voter’s Guide (will be published via HLN)

Board of Selectmen Budget and Warrants
2019 Budget Worksheets (Requests and Approved)
2019 Default Budget
2019 Warrants (Final 1-23-2019 / Amended 2-2-2019)
2019 MS-737 Budget DRA Filing

Meeting recordings can be streamed from our YouTube Channel
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Budget Committee – Budget Hearing
Litchfield Budget Committee Hearing Town Presentation
Litchfield Budget Committee Hearing School Presentation

Litchfield Budget Hearing – Jan 10, 2019
Litchfield Budget Committee Meeting – Jan 10, 2019 (After the Budget Hearing)

Additional Informational Resources:

Warrant #9 – KENO
Public Hearing Announcements
KENO Presentation
SB 191 KENO Highlights

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