Important information regarding the upcoming election

Last day to register to vote at the Town Clerks office is October 28, 2016

Supervisor meet on October 29, 2016 from 11:00 – 11:30 at the Town Hall – People can come in to register to vote at this time as well.

College Students
This is for all the College Student that wish to vote and have not registered to vote with the Town Clerks Office

Voting Absentee
New Hampshire law permits a qualified voter, who is a college student attending college outside their home town in New Hampshire, to register and vote by mail.
To register, the student must complete an absentee voter application and a voter registration form obtained from the clerk’s office for the town/city where the student’s voting domicile is established. A person can register absentee only if he or she does not intend to be in that town when the clerk’s office is open, or by reason of a physical disability is unable to attend a meeting of the supervisors of the checklist at any time prior to the election. Otherwise, if the student will be in town and can register in person, the student is required to do so.

In most cases, college students who vote by absentee ballot do so because they are absent from their town or city on election day. To vote absentee, the student must complete an application for an absentee ballot. That application is available from the town/city clerk or on the Secretary of State’s website.

Registered voters in New Hampshire may vote absentee if the voter:

plans to be absent on the day of the election from the city, town or unincorporated place in which the voter maintains his or her voting domicile;
cannot appear in public on election day because of observance of a religious commitment;
is unable to vote in person due to a disability; or
cannot appear at any time during polling hours at his or her polling place or to be in transit from work from the time the polls open until after the time the polls close.
Students attending college in New Hampshire from other states may also have the right to vote by absentee ballot from their hometown in their home state. If you are considering requesting an absentee ballot from any state, including New Hampshire, you should check with the town or city clerk or another appropriate local election official to determine the timeline for requesting and submitting such ballot.

For forms please email I will then send all the required forms to the student. All forms must be signed and scanned back to the above email address. A copy of the students drivers license must also be included with the forms being returns.

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