Fire Danger Low

Thursday May 9, 2013

The predicted fire danger for today is a Statewide Class 1.

Today will be cloudy with chance of showers.
Temperatures will be in the upper 60’s to lower 70’s. Minimum relative humidity values will be between 46 and 63 percent.
Winds will be light.

Slow moving low pressure will track northeast over the next few days bringing higher humidity and a chance of showers.
Much needed rain should help moderate the fire danger for at least a few days.

Thank You for your patience! It is again OK to burn at least for the next few days.

Class 1: Low
Fires are not likely, it may be raining

Class 2: Moderate
Fires are possible in light fuels, day after a rain

Class 3: High
Fuels in open areas and sunny slopes may spread rapidly

Class 4: Very High
Fires start easily from all causes
Fires spread and increase in intensity rapidly
Spot fires occur
Fire will burn deep, except in the spring

Class 5: Extreme
Fires will spread very rapidly with severe spotting
Difficult to extinguish, mop-up requires a great deal of effort