Tax bills due July 1

With tax bills due July 1, you may be wondering where that money goes. For every $1.00 paid in taxes, the Town retains 18¢, the School received 76.5¢ and the county receives 5.5¢. An average annual tax bill is approximately $6000, billed in two installments of $3000 each.

For that average bill, here are some highlights of how it breaks down for the Town:

Police Department - 87¢ per day (less than a cup of coffee)

Fire Department - $2.10 per week (less than the cost of one 9 volt battery for your smoke detector)

Road Maintenance - $2.56 per week (less than 4 trips through the Bedford or Hooksett toll plazas...with EZ-Pass) or $126.18 per year (less than the cost of one new tire)

Solid Waste - $1.54 per week (less than 2 recyclable 2 liter bottles of soda or one recyclable can of soup)

Street Lighting - $2.50 per year (less than one energy efficient LED light bulb)

Parks and Recreation - $19.36 per year (less than 2 Fisher Cats box seats or 1 Monarchs ticket)

Library - $43.01 per year (less than 2 hardcover bestsellers)

Unfortunately, we cannot accept coffee, batteries, tires, soda and lightbulbs for tax payments. However, you can pay them in person at the Tax Collector’s office or via the drop box if the office is closed, send them via mail, or pay online via our website.